DrawBDL 3.0

Joe Huang and Associates is pleased to announce Version 3.0 of the DrawBDL program for viewing the building geometry in DOE-2 input and output files(see figure below). We have completely rewritten DrawBDL using C++ to run in a native 32-bit environment such as Windows 95/2000/NT. In addition to having a somewhat different "look and feel", Version 3.0 has the following improvements :

1.   new user interface with a hierarchical tree showing all building surfaces

2.   no limit on the number of building surfaces, except for the amount of memory available on the computer.

3.    for building surfaces, the expanded data window shows not only the input values, but also their locations in the global coordinate system; for spaces, the data window shows the gross and net areas of walls, windows, doors, roofs, and skylights.

4.   displays surfaces input as two-dimensional or three-dimensional polygons (please see DOE-2.1E Documentation Update #2     (http://SimulationResearch.lbl.gov/dirsoft/21e_update2.pdf for the syntax to input surfaces as polygons).

5.   changing the sort order of building surfaces used in the display; this allows users to "touch up" the shaded drawings for use in presentations.

6.   output the surface data in EnergyPlus *.idf format. This is helpful for DrawBDL users who wish to convert their DOE-2 input files into EnergyPlus input files. Since DrawBDL reads and stores only building surface data, the converted EnergyPlus file is a partial file containing only the inputs for building surfaces.wpe1.jpg (42425 bytes)

DrawBDL 3.0 costs $125 plus shipping (same price as the older version). Updates from a previous version of DrawBDL (1.0, 2.0 or 2.1) cost $62.50 plus shipping. Shipping costs are $5 US, $10 international; electronic copies shipped via-email have no shipping cost.  For more information about DrawBDL 3.0 or to order, please contact

Joe Huang and Associates
31 Sarah Lane
Moraga CA 94556-2563
Phone 925-247-9180